The CHE Adventure Park was founded in 1997 with the aim of becoming the leading outbound training company in Sri Lanka. We are located on the banks of the Kelani River, close to Hanwella city of ancient Seethawaka kingdom. Just an hour and half drive from Colombo, it provides an ideal doorway for nature and adventure enthusiasts alike. We offer a wide range of adventure and non adventure activities and outdoor experiences. Over the past 20 years we have been delighting families, adventure lovers and corporates. Here you can experience mountain cycle rides , rafting and kayaking , climbing , trekking or engage in extreme adventures such as Zip Line, high rope activities, paintball or immerse oneself in nature by sleeping under the stars in a tent. CHE Adventure Park is committed to providing memorable experiences for our customers. We are committed to building successful relationships and creating exceptional experiences. Our planning specialists and expert facilitators provide all the resources you need to create a memorable.

Team Building Activities

Choose from over 200+ fun High Energy Team activities that are good to get your Team to connect and work better, together. The team building games and activities Can be organized in office space, an outdoor location or business project meetings.

Customized Training

Hands-on, learn by doing experience for Teams, managers, and leaders alike, Through a variety of interactive practices And activities to learn and improve. Higher Productivity. Better communication. More Creativity. Let’s take your team to the next Level.

Perfect Destinations

We are located surrounding greeneries just an hour away from the Colombo city which is 36km. Our property spreads about 15 acre in landscape and boarded with Kalani river. We have used all natural sources which are surrounded our property to provide a memorable experience to our clients.

Our Customers