Experiential Learning

Learning from experience is a powerful methodology. More and more organizations are adopting Experiential Learning to address the Training needs of its workforce. Experiencing, Sharing, Analyzing, Reflecting and correlating the learning’s for application at the workplace is what makes experiential learning the most effective medium to develop individuals and Teams at the workplace.

The Participants undergoing the training are instantly able to feel the results of their actions and realise the immense difference that can be made by a changing their thinking and behavior. Outlife has expertise and professionals to conduct both outbound and inhouse experiential learning through a variety of methods and activities.

Outbound Training

Outbound Training is based on experiential learning model and includes group activities where participants go through challenges and obstacles and have to work together to overcome them. Each outbound activity has a structured approach to bring out specific learnings and connect it back to the real life work areas. Outbound training lets the individuals and groups discover their latent talent and strengths in a safe, secure and supportive learning atmosphere.

In any Outbound Training and Team Building activities the facilitator challenges a group to achieve a goal, but does not explain how to successfully complete the challenge. Participants must work to find a solution individually and together as a team, and must communicate and learn from each other in order to be successful.

The structured learning process begins with the experience followed by reflection, discussion, analysis correlation and application of the profound learnings back at the work environment. Fill in the Training Needs Form and let our experts design a meaningful learning program for your team.

Team Building
Eco Challenge
Spiritual Awakening


Creating high performance teams can increase your company’s productivity and the quality of services you offer to clients. As a company the strategies and tools we employ to improve team bonding are innovative. We ensure your employees are motivated and inspired to work in a team through exciting outbound training.


Different leadership styles exist in work environments. The type of leaders in the organisation determines the culture and the achieving organisational objectives. Our training is focused on core leadership techniques and discovering the use of a wide variety of leadership styles. Learn problem solving, conflict resolution and communication skills though our programme.

Learn to lead when the going get difficult


Team members will need to combine their resources to find their way to final destination. Similar to the adventure races where teams need to find their clues to advance from one point to the next, each teammate will take a turn to leading the group. This program is filled with paddling, hiking, biking, orienteering, wellness and critical thinking, adventures to keep the team physically and mentally invested. Taking part in this program, participants come away with valuable metaphors to their workplace, giving them an everlasting learning experience.


There are different ways to meditate, and since it’s such a personal practice there are probably more than any of us know about. The spiritual awakening system addresses, focus, anxiety, creativity, compassion, memory, stress.


We care about your safety – every step of the way. All our activities are well maintained and subject to detailed risk management (safety audit) with contingency plans. We provide international accepted safety equipments and gears for your activities.CHE ADVENTURE PARK operates with basic First Aid equipment’s in house but serious accidents and illness are uncommon. Most of our instructors trained/hold Certificate in Life Saving and First-Aid. Since we are more concerns about our guest in an emergency we are linked with Wealth Medicare, Pahathgama, who provides Medical Assistance and Ambulances for immediate evacuations and also the Kosgama Village Hospital located in our vicinity. For your convenience we can arrange on call doctors, on-site doctors and on-site ambulances for large scale programs.

Need something different and exciting for your team, Come and enjoy our CHE Adventure We have an extensive range of creative and challenging activities and a unique approach to fun interactive adventure team building, Whether it’s a group of strangers or a team sharing the same office every day, our fun filled activities are designed to motivate them to interact and combine their talents to perform better, individually and as a team. They will reduce their limitations without even realizing it and build team spirit, company morale and creativity. Everyone needs an adventure once in a while.

Whether you require a half day or full day’s team building, or just a conference break, Team building Activities and Adventures Activities can tailor-make an event to fit into your schedule. Every organization is unique and therefore our activities are easily adaptable to group size and many can be conducted either indoors or outdoors. Fortunately most of our events are fully mobile which allows us to bring the fun to you. We are a enthusiastic and passionate team who strive to meet your needs and provide you with a cost-effective and unforgettable team building experience.

“Our high quality conference facilities with lodgings in semi luxury tents ensure that the customer gets the best experience. For 2 day and 3 day programmes we host camping fires and BBQ nights to create a memorable experience for our customers.”

The price will be determined by the number of delegates, the particular event selected and the duration of the event. Events can be designed to coincide with your organization’s interests and budget. Contact us today to discuss designing your groups unique Team building or Adventure Program.